Here are some of the answers to some of the most common questions we get from our guests. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to email Donna at donna@icangarden.com.

Why are the tours land based?

We choose to price the tours land only for several different reasons…
Firstly, our guests come from not just Canada and the U.S. but other countries as well.
Secondly, quite a number of our guests choose to use frequent flier points or miles for their air travel.
Finally, most of our guests choose to come in before or stay later, so it would be impossible to arrange one flight out and back.

Why are the tours priced in British Pounds or Euros?

We are a small company and because the currency fluctuation can some times be significant over a period of a year, we cannot afford to subsidize any major increases. On the positive side, if the currency moves in your favor, you end of saving as we would have had to price the tour at a higher rate originally.

Do I have to be a gardener to enjoy the tours?

I have had people come on the tours that were not into gardening like most of us are, but they seemed to enjoy the tour because they were with their friend or relative and there was enough outside the gardens that made them happy. Lots of times, when we visit a garden there is a castle, palace or house that is open to visit as well. On the free days there is much to enjoy…We try and have lunches in villages where there is always something unique to see besides gardens if you so choose…

How long have you been offering tours?

I have been putting tours together since 1998.

Where do your tour guests come from?

Mostly Canada and the U.S. but we have had guests from other countries along too and it is a wonderful chance to talk to gardeners who live in different climates and growing areas.

Can I extend my tour?

Certainly! The tours are set but you are most welcome to come in early or stay later. Please let us know so we can try and get our preferred room rates for you if you wish to stay in the tour hotels.

What are the typical sizes of groups?

The average size is around 10 -15, but again it depends on the tours. Some are very restricted in group size, but we note this on all of our tours. That is why it is important to get your reservation in so your space is held.

When do I book my Air?

We must meet the minimum required on each tour. Once this is reached we let you know right away so that you can book your air. Usually we know where the tour is at three months out so that is plenty of time to still get a good airfare.

What about changes to itinerary?

When you put a tour together so far in advance of the actual tour date, you are bound to have some little changes to make…but it never affects your flight times…so rest assured, that if we have to make any changes, your flight times that you have booked are fine. The best advice I can give you while on tour is to be flexible…it always works out…we may reverse a garden that day or if we have time, stop at an unscheduled sight of interest, but that is the fun of it…always trying to add the little things that make the tour special.

Guiding around gardens - is there any?

It depends on the garden we visit…some have a short guided tour, but for the most part, once we get to a garden, you are given a time to be back at the coach. Once inside the garden, you are free to wander and discover on your own…everyone seems to enjoy this as you all have different things that you want to see, you walk at different levels and some like to get the book on the garden, then have a cup of tea and read, then go and see the garden…you are all different and I want to make sure you get to enjoy the garden at your own pace.

What is the average age?

I have found over the years that the average age is in the 60’s. I have some guests as young as 18 (traveling with Mom) and as lively and energetic at 85. Moms and daughters, sisters, friends… and of course couples!

Is there a lot of walking involved?

There can be a bit…but we have lots of time in the gardens so you don’t feel stressed. Just always be sure to wear walking shoes or good comfortable shoes on tour…the gardens can sometimes be very large but that does not mean they are difficult to walk in … you can walk as much as you like in each and there are usually seats around to rest if you need them.

Will we have some free time?

Usually on each of the tours, I include Leisure Days for you to get out and do the things you want to do that are not part of the tour…it’s a nice break for you – you don’t have to do anything that day, but I find that everyone always has something they want to use that time for.

What other money do I need to take with me?

If you are going to a foreign country you should always try and have that currency with you. You will need it for the tube, or train or cab…you will need a bit to tip the hotel…lunch, souvenirs, coffee, paper…it all adds up so bring money with you. Do you know how hard it is to park a coach in order to get to a bank machine? On your free days you can always pick up extra at the local banks as well at their atm’s. Credit cards are very useful for the higher priced goodies you buy.

What happens to my deposit if the tour does not run?

If we choose to shut it down because there are not enough guests, your deposit is given back to you.

What is not included in the tours?

Air, insurance, any meals not specified on the itinerary, items of a personal nature.

What about if I have a special need?

· Food – please indicate this on the reservation form.
· Mobility – please indicate if you have any problems in an email to donna@icangarden.com I can then let you know how this tour will be for you..
· Allergy – please indicate this on the reservation form.

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