What My Guests Have Said...

The tour was all and so much more than I expected. Each garden was so different. They all had something special for a garden lover. This tour with Donna takes you to places you would never ever see by yourself. It was small, friendly and very well organized. I would travel with Donna again as everything is looked after for you and Donna is very aware of each guests moods.

-Jody, Chelsea

‘The hotel was comfortable and in a great location. The tour was excellent, well organized from start to finish. Just hop on the coach and let Donna do all the planning. So relaxing – no driving and being on the coach lets you see into gardens and over the hedgerows. Highly recommend as a quality tour’ .

-Judy from Australia, repeat tour guest, Chelsea

‘Wonderful as always. Lovely people, beautiful gardens, great food and wine. You always aim to please Donna and you succeed brilliantly!

-Michelle, repeat tour guest, Italy

It was magical, just as imagined. Sun, olives, roses, lavender, good food, good wine and history everywhere. Another fantastic tour with you Donna packed with wonderful gardens and good companions. What a great tour!

-Rosalind, repeat tour guest, Italy

I have continued to sing Donna’s praises for the tours she organizes on many counts but in summary because the interests of her guests have high priority, and she organizes it all so effectively.

-Joan, repeat tour guest, Italy

It was a lot more than a garden tour. Culture, food, history, agriculture and sightseeing. The Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors were my favourites.

-Jim, China

This trip was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you once again for our trip to China . It was spectacular as your trips usually are.

-Judy, repeat tour guest, China

Thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating adventure – 10/10. History, culture, diversity of sights were truly appreciated. This trip was one of the most ‘educational’ experiences. My eyes were opened and I was amazed at what modern China has accomplished. My understanding of this country and its people was increased a thousand fold. I loved the people – their kindness and gentle ways, their gracious manner and their industrious resolve are admirable. This trip provided me with a totally different and enlightened view of China. Thank you so much Donna, for making this unforgettable adventure possible.

-Claudette, repeat tour guest, China

Fabulous, exciting and fun. Good group to travel with. Great hotels, beautiful locations, something different and much better than the big tour companies offer. You get to meet interesting people like Made and Nigel who make you feel totally welcome, provide great insight into their occupations and show great passion for what they do. I look forward to my next trip and your small custom group arrangements. This was my 12th tour with Donna and I look forward to many more!

-Lynda, repeat tour guest Singapore/Bali

Really enjoyed the sights and the group. Loved Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, both rice fields, the beautiful Ulan Danu Temple and the Bali Orchid Garden. It was a great experience, learned much about Singapore and Bali cultures and countries. Beautiful sights, fun people as usual. Great dining options, Made’s garden was beautiful and enjoyed his comments, John Hardy was very interesting, good friends, patient guides.

-Ron, repeat tour guest Singapore/Bali

Once again I thank you for taking me on a “trip of a lifetime” – a trip chockfull of private and public gardens (how did you find so many to tour?) that took my breath away, studded with other sights and experiences that enabled us to understand the country. Our trip guide Deon, was truly excellent, perfect for our group. Trip details were carefully attended to for our comfort, and as we all know, gardeners are the best people!

-Pat, repeat tour guest, South Africa

Had a wonderful time. I liked all the gardens, each in their own way. I cannot say which was my favourite as I took something away from each of them. It was ideal for couples and singles alike. Not too many travelers, excellent guides, certainly more that the average group tour. All the small details taken care of. Would and will recommend with hesitation. Thank you Donna as one’s company certainly goes a long way to the success of a trip. Your enthusiasm and love of gardening is reflected in the tour programme, with just enough diversity, without being a garden overload. Each day let us eagerly await the next. Even Leigh has now begun to look forward to implementing some of the ideas gained along the way. Once again thank you. A special mention to our guide Deon. His knowledge and experience made our trip. The attention to detail ensured the smooth running, especially of our wedding anniversary evening.

-Leigh & Debbie from the U.K., South Africa

I enjoyed my tour so very much. This was my second South Africa tour with Donna.

-Myrna, repeat tour guest, South Africa

I enjoyed my tour so very much. This was my second South Africa tour with Donna.

-Myrna, repeat tour guest, South Africa

I very much enjoyed the tour. I loved seeing and learning about plants. The guides were all awesome but the other people on the tour were teaching me as well. Donna was a lovely host, very warm and caring. I am so very glad I came.

-Lindy, Ireland

‘Great tour. Enjoyed all the gardens, especially the variety, locations and owners. Ballyrobert was a favourite, impressed by plants, design and abundance. Mt. Stewart too! Overwhelming! Tour was everything I had hoped and more. Gardens were all spectacular in their unique ways – great diversity. Great drivers, coaches, city guides, garden guides. I would highly recommend to friends – an easy tour due to English speaking country and warm hospitable Irish people. Thank you Donna, I can’t say enough!

-Charlene, repeat tour guest, Ireland

I had a really great time. The organization, the information, the friendliness. Of course the gardens were beautiful. Chelsea was the high light as it has always been one of those dreams. Thank you Donna for your care.

-Vilma from South Africa, Chelsea

The country had been at the top of my list for literally decades and the fact is that while there I couldn’t wait to round the next corner – so exciting! Of course, the hotels were outstanding and as exotic as one would expect, the people open and welcoming, and the experiences so unique to the country … I loved it! I’d go again in a heartbeat and look forward to my next adventure with you. Thank you again for a dream realized.

-Gay, repeat tour guest, India