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We travel as an expression of passion for the world. We travel to ardently pursue all we hope to discover. 
We travel to be surprised, so that we don’t stop questioning. We travel to exchange ideas, beliefs and values.
We travel to cultivate compassion, to stretch our hearts and expand our souls. We travel to see someone smile, and smile back at them.

Welcome to my exclusive tours only site! The more I travel, the more I appreciate the words above. As you read them, let them stir in you a desire to perhaps join me one day. I have been blessed to have met some incredible people on these tours…people who share my love of gardens and travel. I am a Canadian who is now living in Panama. I have gone from pine trees to palm trees and again I find new joy in discovering what is in the world that I now call home.

I will update this area on a regular basis to bring you the latest on the upcoming small group tours for the current year as well as what to expect in the future. We enjoy a very high rate of repeat guests, and oftentimes they will take more than one tour a year with me, so would urge you to act quickly if there is a tour that interests you. That way you can make sure you are on it with me. I only do so many tours each year as I want to be on each of them to make sure you are well looked after.

I started hosting garden tours in 1998 because that is my passion. I love sharing them with others and the delight I feel when someone sees a garden for the very first time is always a ‘wow’ moment for me. I hope you will go through each of our tour listings and feel the same way that I do, and then come along to really experience them. Of course we also add extra visits to places that are not totally garden related … but if you are a true garden lover, you will enjoy going through my offerings each year. When I travel I am always looking for that memory that will linger in my soul forever and sure enough I have plenty of memories that I trust you will discover and make yourself!

Click on the small video below to see a short 3 minute video of me in France that was done by Recreating Eden, a multi award winning international lifestyle/documentary series and Merit Motion Pictures as part of their extraordinary series…I am so proud to have been a part of this

Donna Dawson, Master Gardener

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