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February 2021

Since the last newsletter, I have had many of you, including guests booked on the Greece Tour and Chelsea Flower Show Tour, both planned for May 2021, let me know your thoughts and feelings regarding travel.

I have to say I totally agree…it is just too early. So many have not received their vaccines and are excitedly waiting for them…countries keep opening and closing and rules keep changing and on and on.

The single most important thing for me is that this is a holiday for you, meant to be a happy time without worries but instead being treated to some extraordinary gardens in magical places….and I just cannot see it happening in May.

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January 2021

Gail Murray has written a wonderful article on my Spain Tour.  She was on it in 2019 and shares some of her memories….be sure to take a peek at my Spain 2021 tour so you can make your own memories….

Garden Tours Update January 2021

My last tours update was this past June and a lot has changed since then…the most important being that people are now getting the vaccine. This is very encouraging for all of us as we can start dreaming again. I for one am looking forward to getting mine as it will make me much more comfortable as I travel so I wait….it’s coming soon. Then hopefully airlines will gear up again and we can fly knowing we are safe. We have all learned so much about being flexible.

I have heard from people wanting to travel and asking about the tours which is so uplifting in all of this…thankyou!

Now my first tour is scheduled to go in May to Greece. Greece will start their vaccines this month. We are watching and will advise. If you are interested in this tour, please let me know so I can keep you up to date with the latest info on it.

May is also the time for the Chelsea Flower Show Tour 2021. Chelsea this year will limit the numbers of people who attend and England is a bit iffy right now but in speaking to my ground handler I feel good…so what I need to know is that if you want to come on this tour this year, let me know. We really need to have some idea of how many show tickets we might need.  We will take names right now and as we progress through the months we will have a better idea if we can make it work safely or move it to 2022.

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June 2020 Tours Newsletter recap…

I did my first tour in 1999 – it was to the Chelsea Flower Show – and over the years I have had to deal with challenges along the way as any tour operator has but 2020 has proven to be a year unlike any other.

I have never had to cancel a whole year of travel. I did it because I must and yes, my tour guests were very sad about it but you know it was the right thing to do.

They all got their deposits back and many have rebooked tours in 2021 already… thank you!

Everything has moved to 2021 and thankfully they are booking. I am so grateful to you for your faith in me and I will continue to put together tours that will give you joy and wonderful memories…

We went into lockdown and quarantine here in Panama March 25th and June 1st was the first time that Tom and I could actually go out together and walk.

It has been wonderful to see what has changed and how lush everything is now as we are into our ‘green’ season. We will spend the rest of the year taking local holidays.

At home now I have had the chance to clean up my many tour files and it has also made me think about reducing the number of tours I do now – I am getting older – so that I can travel more with Tom.

For 2021 I have planned on five tours but after that, it will be less.

I hope in 2021 you see something you like so that you can join me and we can make some memories again… you will notice that some of these tours are back to back so if you want to do more than one, you can!

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